Activities in 2021

November 2021

We are offering free tickets to Stop op, hop + workshop in week 45 for daycare institutions that are part of Copenhagen Municipality. Write to us at for more information and booking.

The first weeks of research on this season’s new performance KropSkøn are in full swing with the costume designer, dancer and musician. The performance is about gender and body identity, and we look forward to unveil more details.

October 2021

A whole is a half and two quarters plays at Amager Children’s Theater Festival October 17th.
Stop op, hop plays at Theater and Music Odsherred October 20th.

September 2021

Stop, hop plays at Horsens Theater Festival September 19th.

August 2021

We’re back from the summer holidays and rehearsing our performance A whole is a half and two quarters with a brand new cast. The performance will be presented at Young Dance Market september 1th – 2nd. More info HERE.

May – June 2021

After a succesful performance period with Stop op, hop at Sjælør Kirke in Copenhagen SV with full house everyday, we are looking forward to present the performance, first at the Spring Festival at Amager, Copenhagen and later on at the Aprilfestival in Holbæk where we will also present the performance A whole is a half and two quarters in week 24. Check out the entire program here.

Simultaneously we are presenting A whole is a half and two quarters at different schools at the Faroe Islands under the project Listaleypurin. Read more about the project here.

April 2021

Despite of the corona-restrictions we are still able to premiere our peice Stop op, hop at Barnens Scen in Malmø. Tickets can be ordered here.

March 2021

This month we are working on transforming our performance A whole is a half and two quarters into a outdoor-performance. The festival Young Dance Market as chosen to alter their festival into an outside-event as to deal with future covid-restrictions.

That means that we can perform A whole is a half and two quarters, both indoor and outdoor, although we still need to account for the weather.
Read more about our performance and touring possibilities here.

February 2021

Even though lockdown is continuing in Denmark, we have still been able to continue our rehearsals for our new performance Stop op, hop for babies and young children. Visit our instagram and watch videos and pictures form the studio.

The performance date in Malmø, Sweden is now set at Barnens Scen i Malmø on April 10th, where we will continue performing until the 17th. Tickest are available now.
In May we will premiere in Copenhagen at the new local venue in Sjælør Kirke, from May 18th – 23rd. Get your tickest HERE.

Activities in 2020

October 2020

We were very disappointed to hear that the children’s theatre festival Horsens Teaterfestival was cancelled in September 2020.

But we are happy that our tour is still going, and in october we will tour the performance A WHOLE IS ONE HALF AND TWO QUARTERS, about divorce, which will be presented at Odsherred, Taastrup, Nykøbing Sjælland and at Filuren in Aarhus were we will present a number of school performance and a single open performance on October 17th.

We are also performing YELLOW BOX and the art museum HEART in Herning on October 25th .

Check our full calendar here and read more about YELLOW BOX and A WHOLE IS ONE HALF AND TWO QUARTERS.

September 2020

A new season has begun and we are looking forward to bringing our performance out on the road! We are touring with Yellow Box, performing at Greve Bibliotek August 29th and continuing with Major and Minor Secrets at Roskilde Library September 12th and at Hedehusene September 17th.

We’re finishing off this month at Horsens Theatre Festival with the performance A whole is one half and two quarters. If you haven’t already, book your FREE ticket HERE.

We are also very excited that our artistic director Tali Razga has received a travel grant form Balletmester Albert Gaubiers and Paul Waldorffs Fond to use for artistic development. Thank you!

June 2020

Our season ended abruptly due to covid-19, and at the end of the month, we will move out to our new office in Sydhavnen (Copenhagen) before leaving for the holidays. We are looking forward to a new season after the summer holiday with a brand new performance, and a lot of touring with our performance A WHOLE IS ONE HALF AND TWO QUARTERS

March 2020

Due to the Corona Virus several venues have decided to cancel some of Gazarts performances and activities. We will update the calendar regulary

February 2020

We are performing our own classic performence about the magic of snow at Folketeatret (DK); Snow Eyes.

We have just proplonged the show, that will run until february 27th – get your tickets HERE

We have also recently been taking a break from playing our new performance about divorce A WHOLE IS A HALF AND TWO QUARTERS but will return at Young Dance Market in Malmö (SE) on May 11th and at the Aprilfestival for children in Holbæk (DK) in april. The performance got great reviews and we are looking forward to performing it for more children.

January 2020

On the last day of this month, we are premiering our brand new piece; A Whole is a Half and two Quarters – and performanc about being a child of divorce, and about moving back and forth, forgetting and being forgotten, and keeping track of which week is spend with which parent. But it’s also a performance about extra siblings and a lot of people to care for. With homor and care, the performance tackles the issues and challenges associated with being a child of divorce.

We will perform at Zangenbergs Teate from january 31th – february 9th.

Get your ticket HERE and read more about the performance HERE.

Activities in 2019

September 2019

This fall we have a lot of touring activities with our installation-performance YELLOW BOX. We’ve been performing at Karens Minde Kulturhus august 30th, and later on during the festival ‘Liv i Lyngby’ in Lyngby-Taarbæk september 7th.

In november we will be performing Yellow Box at the children theatre festival november 1st and 3rd, and from there, we’re driving to Stevns Teaterforening ot perform on november 9th. We are ending the year with Yellow Box at Husum Bibliotek december 14th, and returning to Karens Minde Kulturhus december 18th with SNOWEYES.

Meanwhile we’re working on our new performance A whole is a half and two quarters – a musical and physical performance about being a child of divorce. You can read more about the performance here.


Right now we are preparing our brand new performace: A whole is a half and two quarters, that will premiere in Zangenbergs Teater in January 2020. Stay tuned for more info.


We’ve just returned from easter holiday and a wonderfull Aprilfestival, where we performed YELLOW BOX and WHEN I CLOSE MY EYES – a total of ten performances at the festival. Yellow Box received a lot of attention and was mentioned both at iScene and reviewed by Teateravisen.

We’are prepraing our audience survey, which has been supported by Applaus. We’ll present our project, together with the other theatres that are part of Applaus, at Teater Grob May 28 from 14.00-17.00. Read more here

Grass Green Baltoppen, Ballerup, d. May 9. -11. kl. 9.30 and 10.45 BUY TICKETS
Major and Minor Secrets, Solrød Bibilotek and Kulturhus, May 29. kl. 9.30 og 10.30 MORE INFO


This month we are premiering WHEN I CLOSE MY EYES in Copenhagen at Zangenbergs Teater March 23. – 30. marts. Get your tickets here!

Next month SNOW EYES has its 10 year anniversary. It premiered in April 2009 at Zangenbergs Teater, but is still being performned – next time March 14-15. in Cairo, Egypt and later in Nykøbing Falster, March 23. marts and March 24. at Odsherred Teater


We’re back from Christmas break and are looking forward to touring Grassgreen and Yellow Box.

We’re performing Yellow Box February 13 at Karens Minde Kulturhus for the first time since it premiered at Passagefestivalen, 2018.
We’re also looking forward to revisit Grassgreen February 17 at Hvidovre Teaterforenings Medborgerhus and again March 3 at Kulturhuset Elværket in Frederikssund.

You can also experience SnowEyes March 23 in Nykøbing Falster, March 24. at Odsherred Teater and Minor and Major Secrets Marsh 18. in Sæby and March 19. marts in Frederikshavn.

Activities in 2018

We are currently in the studio, rehearsing our new performance Yellow Box, that will premiere at Passagefestival in Elsinore, 27.07-04.08, where it can be experienced outside in streets of the city.

At Gazart 2018 the spring has been extra green – Our newest performance Grassgreen for the youngest audience 0-5 years old, premiered February 3rd at Zangenbergs Theater in Copenhagen, where it played until February 11th.

Subsequently Grassgreen performed at Den Frie Udstillingsbyning in Copenhagen from February 14th -18th as part of the festival Close Encounters by Dansehallerne.

And last, but not least, Grassgreen performed at Corpus at The Royal Danish Theatre and then as part of this years April Festival in Syddjurs Municipality in Jutland.

Gazart is also touring throughout the year with SnowEyes and Drops for the 0-4 year olds, and Major and Minor Secrets for the 1-5 year olds.