Based in Texas, NTT Data Services is a major arm of the $109 billion Japanese conglomerate NTT Group. Recently named an all-star company leader by IAOP’s Global Outsourcing 100 List, NTT Data has also been celebrating its recent achievements as a tech partner for The Open golf tournament during the uniquely demanding time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Originally a divestiture from Xerox Business Services in 2017, Conduent has gone on to be hailed for its remarkable social responsibility and corporate culture. One recent example of Conduent’s predilection for contributing its expertise to worthy causes is its launch of the CommunityVision platform to combat inequalities in access to health services.

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GAVS has made a name for itself with its smart machine-powered infrastructure services, AIOps and DevOps, using automation to improve user experience while simultaneously increasing security and lowering risk. As a global software development company with particular emphasis on digital enterprise and engagement, Itransition is shaping how the world moves online in a big way. TOTVS has its eye on major societal issues, providing a broad base of cloud- and mobile-enabled solutions while remaining enthusiastically aware of how their own mission can support the UN’s Global Compact policies.

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CyberArk claims to be the only security software company focused on eliminating cyber threats that use insider privileges to attack the enterprise. Fast-forward to 2000, he and his brother co-founded Fortinet, now one of the fastest growing network security companies. The two lead a team of respected tech innovators in serving approximately 70 per cent of the Fortune 100 and numerous governments around the world with a broad portfolio of spanning network, infrastructure, edge, cloud and IoT solutions. A timely response can keep your data safe and prevent criminals from ruining your network. Locating the best US cyber security company that’s fit for your needs is surprisingly easy. Just use a filter to choose the perfect match from a validated list of all the providers that meet your criteria.

best it security companies

Palo Alto Networks works to protect all things digital across clouds, mobile devices and networks. In addition to cloud and enterprise solutions, Palo Alto also offers Cortex, the company’s AI-based continuous security platform. With its ability to detect and pre-empt threats by understanding an organization’s “digital DNA,” Darktrace likens its technology to the human immune system. It is probably impossible to assign an accurate figure to the number of IT security companies in the US as more and more companies are always entering the market. This number has grown exponentially in recent years, as the need for cybersecurity solutions has become more apparent.

The company’s technology can also be used to prevent data breaches, credential theft and other types of malicious attacks. Because DNS-based threats have become a common problem for businesses, DNSFilter has developed advanced tools for threat detection and content filtering. Dividing suspicious sites into categories, DNSFilter’s technology can block content related to terrorism, hate, weapons, drugs and distracting social media. Whether companies are working remotely or in person, they can tailor DNSFilter’s solutions to fit their unique needs. NowSecure works with some of the world’s largest financial institutions, as well as organizations in the healthcare, defense, energy and manufacturing sectors, to produce mobile security solutions that keep up with the modern, mobile-first world.

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Its security fabric focuses on areas that benefit end users the most, including monitoring web traffic, gathering data for network operations, tracking malicious web-based campaigns, and zero-day threat protection. Palo Alto Networks is the largest pure-play cybersecurity operation by revenue and market cap. Now also a leading cloud security provider, this legacy business is highly competitive in the cybersecurity industry.

DXC was launched in the wake of the merger between CSC and HP’s Enterprise Services, and now brings more than six decades of experience to bear on delivering digital enterprise solutions. It leverages that legacy of excellence to bring in $20 billion in annual revenue and thousands of customers the world over. Initially an in-house tech unit for data analytics firm Dun & Bradstreet, Cognizant has achieved remarkable growth over the past decades, rising to the top 200 of the Fortune 500 list last year. Since 2018, Cognizant has also been at the forefront of using blockchain technologies to facilitate secure data sharing between companies. While Dell is best known as a computer manufacturing company, they have also been active in the IT security world.

A bear market in 2022 put a damper on some of the highest flyers, but cybersecurity remains a top investment theme. The top IT security companies will offer you a number of tools to make sure that your IT security needs are met. From administrative to logical to physical controls, the best IT security services will make sure that you are covered from every angle. OneSpan’s many fraud identification and prevention solutions include authentication, mobile app security and risk analytics solutions.

The Top 25 Cybersecurity Companies of 2021 – The Software Report

The Top 25 Cybersecurity Companies of 2021.

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The company has worked with customers across multiple industries, including financial, retail and healthcare. As a leader in endpoint security, it created the application control and endpoint detection and response categories, and pioneered next-generation antivirus. Meet 100 of the most influential players in cybersecurity — an industry that is essential to the global economy and continues to experience lightning-fast growth. Depending on the level of monitoring you’re looking for, the extensiveness of the plan and what is included, you may not need to sign a contract, though many top home security companies ask that you do.

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Through its Genesys platform, Miratech is a stalwart in the IT services industry when it comes to architecture and design, artificial intelligence, and enterprise integration, among other services. Infostretch began in a garage with two employees in 2004, but it hasn’t taken long for the company to grow into a team of 1,200 digital engineers on three continents. And with its expansion into the world of digital health services and its recent acquisition of salesforce cloud consulting firm Saggezza, Infostretch is well poised to continue its meteoric rise in the industry. Avenga has built a reputation for innovative, high-quality digital technology business solutions for clients that include Credit Suisse, Volvo, and T-Mobile. In recent years, Avenga has pushed the frontiers of blockchain-driven technology to offer security-first systems to help maintain the privacy of COVID-19 test results. Professional services consulting firm Slalom Consulting is a billion-dollar company with a reputation as a wonderful place to work.

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Recently, TIVIT has been making moves to expand its base of expertise through the acquisition of Brazilian tech startups, and its efforts to boost industrial cloud architecture throughout the continent have been met with continued success. Though its central enterprise mission on its own does a great deal of good for the world, Omnicom Solutions is also active in several other community initiatives including local theater and historic preservation programs. The rise in more sophisticated cyberattacks like polymorphic malware, scripting, and other living-off-the-land cyberattacks has made it easier for hackers to bypass conventional anti-virus defenses that focus on file scanning. To combat this trend, Sophos concentrates on behavior analysis to make cyber defense more robust.

Persistent Systems is India’s premier digital engineering and enterprise modernization firm. Building trusted, high-performing software such as its innovation accelerating program, Persistent Digital Greenhouse, Persistent brings together agile, continuously engineered software to fit any need. Some of Persistent’s most prominent IT service offerings are its core IT modernization collection and a cutting-edge CX innovation and optimization program.

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Supported by a network of similar hardware and software vendors and interconnected through the course of daily business… Cinq is the U.S. iteration of the popular Brazilian digital pioneer Dextra, which boasts more than two decades of experience with outsourcing and digital transformation. Included in Cinq’s recent cutting-edge projects are solutions for the air travel industry working in facial recognition and baggage tracking. A twelve-time Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for APM, Dynatrace has also been lauded by G2 for its observability and has won an AI Breakthrough Award for its advances in business intelligence and analytics. The bulk of Dynatrace’s high-powered IT services is made up of end-to-end support for its Dynatrace Platform, covering everything from adoption to acceleration to automation.

  • Technology solutions company Indium Software brings its expertise in digital and QA services to startups and global enterprises around the world.
  • As an industry leader in business consulting, outsourcing, and information technology solutions, Cognizant has long been hailed for its results and resilience.
  • Imperva helps businesses secure data and web applications from threats without disrupting the user experience.
  • It enables organizations to automate responses to cybersecurity attacks and quickly triage an influx of incidents, increasing the capacity of security personnel — a boon for short staffed teams.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic launched Zensar into a new era of advancing work-from-home infrastructure, and its deep cloud expertise was recently recognized at the Cloud Computing Awards.

Cybersecurity and IBM IBM Security offers one of the most advanced and integrated portfolios of enterprise security products and services. IBM X-Force Exchange (link resides outside of for global threat intelligence. We’ve compared information on two dozen top-rated home security companies and ranked them based on cost, features, contracts, support, customer reviews and other factors, to come up with a list of the 10 best home security companies.

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Trace3’s headquarters are in Irvine, California, their East Coast corporate office is in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They have 25 locations throughout the U.S., including two more Michigan locations in Ada and Troy. In their final presentation, they’ll provide an IP vulnerability index, risk reduction recommendations, a password strength grade, and ratings of you compared to your peers. The yearly costs related to the damage inflicted by cybercrime could be as much as $10.5 trillion in 2025 — an increase of 15 percent over five years. Malwarebytes is good for users who prefer a simple, install-and-forget antivirus that detects and blocks the majority of malware.

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A recent winner of the IGS Star of Excellence and four other awards, this best-in-class company is working to leverage the latest technology to resolve lingering problems in healthcare and data privacy. Avanade began in 2000 as a collaboration between Microsoft and consulting firm Accenture and currently operates in more than 70 cities around the world. Among Avanade’s successful acquisitions in recent years are data and IT specialist firms in the UK, France, and Italy. More than anything, Orange Business Services’ success can be measured by the sheer scope of the network they have developed across the world. With over two dozen cybersecurity labs and 70 data centers in more than 100 countries, Orange Business Services has created the infrastructure to help keep the world connected and safe. Spain’s own IT giant Indra Sistemas holds a commanding position when it comes to information technology, simulation and automatic testing, and defense electronics.

A Fortune Global 500 company in its own right, Accenture has developed a reputation for excellence in the field of IT services, working with 91 of the Forbes Global 100 companies. Accenture has made a name for itself in environmental, social, and corporate governance consulting, helping clients around the world work together to reach the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. With nearly 300 offices and 150 delivery centers worldwide, TCS has posted impressive financial gains even during the time of COVID-19, with operating income in excess of $6 billion as of 2021. TCS cloud platforms are fostering development across Asia, and the company’s ADD Safety software was recently granted an award for using AI to radically improve pharmacological outcomes. Cybersecurity ETFs are another great option and can be purchased with your favorite cybersecurity stocks.

With an eye toward innovating for the next generation of tech, Publicis Sapient brings to the table a comprehensive array of IT services in enterprise platforms, digital product management, customer experience, and more. A proud partner of giants including Microsoft and Intel, UK-based IT services and solutions company Omnicom Solutions is bringing the best the digital world has to offer to countless schools and workplaces. With its mission to connect individuals everywhere to all they need to succeed, Omnicom Solutions provides connectivity solutions as well as IT services such as AV support, network management, and managed cloud security providers print and voice infrastructure. Specializing in developing and supporting knowledge and education in the world of technology, global computing and cybersecurity giant Atos boasts more than 110,000 employees and billions of euros in revenue. From its offices in over 70 countries, Atos works at the forefront of the field of information technology, providing solutions for satellite monitoring and quantum computing, among other ventures. One of Atos’ recent developments that is making the world a greener place is its Digital Decarbonization Assessment service, providing global clients the means to reduce emissions.

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We placed the company on our top IDPS list, but with broad detection and response capabilities, the 8-year-old venture between British intelligence agencies and Cambridge University mathematicians is not easy to categorize. A recent IPO gave investors a good look at the company’s finances, and 40% revenue growth suggests plenty of demand for this pioneering product. Okta has a unique value proposition as a quick and easy way for organizations to get started implementing zero trust.

Enterprises embracing new technologies to meet business demands has open doors to cyber attacks. The starting price is around $1500 per month, though that’s just for basic protection. However, there is a limit to what businesses are willing to spend, and so the figures will always reflect the prevailing market prices.

Now, with a market capitalization over $70 billion as of 2020, Infosys is a major player in the Forbes Global 2000 and India’s second-largest IT company. Now in its 100th year of doing business, IBM is made up of nearly 350,000 employees and generates annual revenue approaching $100 billion. In the past two decades, it has made significant acquisitions including PwC Consulting in 2002, SPSS in 2009, The Weather Company in 2016, Red Hat in 2019, and Nordcloud in 2020. Its AI-driven cyber security engine understands the nuances and context of human relationships and communication patterns on email, and helps see past what is immediately visible in an email to surface telltale signs of a potential attack.