Gazart performances take a curious look at familiar situations from everyday life. They create new angles on the trivia with which we surround ourselves but which we seldom regard as particularly significant. Tali uses her choreography to poke holes in the bubbles of the imagination, releasing it to flow freely in artful universes that contain more than we can see with the naked eye, often in a creative dialogue between dance and other means of artistic expression.

Productions conceived for the very young provide subtle reflections of the way small children are fascinated by the simple but magical: raindrops or snowflakes, for example. Productions for teenagers feature experience-oriented communication as their recurrent approach, with subjects ranging from feelings we encounter in ourselves to events that define the world about us.

“My artistic ambition is to celebrate the small miracles of everyday life and make room for new perspectives on the things we take for granted”
– Tali Rázga, artistic director

Board members

Hanne Trolle / Chairperson
Erik Turley / Cashier
Christina Helle Kjær
Christina Krøll
Rasmus Sangild


Our classes in creative dance and movement come in three categories:

Workshops for children and youth

We believe in the need for spaces in which schoolchildren can express and explore their physical self-knowledge in creative, non-competitive contexts. Our workshops provide a setting that balances between guidance and improvisation and forges links between the students’ own bodies and their imaginations and talents.

Workshops for teachers

We provide practical workshops for teachers and other education professionals who wish to employ some of our methods in their own teaching activities.

Workshops for artists

Through these workshops we share the tricks of our trade with performers and other artists interested in striking out on their own with creative movement and dance for children and young people.

All three categories of workshop involve using a playful approach and focus on unique movements to strengthen the individual and the group. We introduce and work on fundamental dance techniques: spatial awareness, tempo, movement quality, intensity, etc. We often seek inspiration in the imaginary worlds in which our productions are set, but our workshops all function as stand-alone events.