Dancers: Søren Linding Urup, Jan Vesala, Oriane Paras, Joana Ellen Öhlschläger, Loa Carlslund/Carolina Bäckman
Choreographer: Tali Rázga i samarbejde med danserne
Composer: Rumpistol
Costume Designer: Ida Marie Ellekilde
Tailor: LOUTAN Studio

Photo: Søren Meisner

SUPPORTING FOUNDATIONS: Danish Arts Foundation, Augustinus Foundation, Wilhelm Hansen Foundation, A.P. Møllerske Supporting Foundation, BUPL’s Solidaritets- og Kulturpulje, Ass. for Danish Stage Directors, Danish Actor’s Association, Frederiksberg Foundation, Copenhagen Municipality


Five dancers explore and challenge bodily expressions and forms. Like a kind of shape-sorting game where the blocks are constantly up for negotiation: Long, trailing arms become a dynamic seduction, large and bulging muscles become depressingly burdensome and snazzy, flared trousers turn the world on its head.

Bodyjoy is a physical and musical collage and a continuation of the experiment in 2022 – Genderjoy. Once again, this is a physical and musical collage that plays with gender roles and norms for the body.

The performance is flexible and can be adapted to various spaces and venues. It can be performed both indoors and outdoors.

From 5 year and the whole family

DURATION: 40 min.

TOURING: Contact for more information and booking.

“The costumes are, as the music and sound, strong co-actors in Gazarts playful dance performance about gender in the body. With clear emphasis on an enjoyment of everything that the body can do and can be used for. That’s quite and awful a lot. ….. Along the way, the abstract fabulous creatures transforms again and again. They shift in a wonderfully imperceptibly, half or full, way from fluffy royal blue – spread out like wings – to an orgy of pink fringes or ton-heavy rust-colored suits.”  – Randi K Pedersen, Teateravisen