Joel Fritzon
Guitarist: Søren Øland
Choreography: Tali Rázga in collaboration with Joel Fritzon
Composer: Rasmus Oppenhagen Krogh
Costume designer: Ida Marie Ellekilde
Tailor: Sophie Bellin Hansen and LOUTAN Studio

Dramaturgical consultant: Karina Dichov Lund
Choreographic consultant: Jernej Bizjak

Producer: Carlos Calvo
Helene Buchhave Lind
Photographer: Søren Meisner

Augustinus Fonden, Koda Kultur, BUPL’s Solidaritets- og Kulturpulje, Foreningen af Danske Sceneinstruktører, Statens Kunstfonds projektstøtteudvalg for scenekunst, Københavns Scenekunstudvalg


Genderjoy – a living sculpture that plays with body and gender

A dancer in a fantastical costume and a guitarist’s improvised tones combine to create a living sculpture which turns gender stereotypes on their head and inside out. In constant flux, they challenge and shape how we see.

A body undulates through gendered signals, adopting fleeting forms which shift from something distinctly feminine through something distinctly masculine and into something undefined. A large muscle bulging out from the leg, a hip which jerks with extra sass and a human form which oscillates between vulnerable and proud.

Genderjoy is a physical and musical collage which plays with the gender roles and patterns which we ourselves help to perpetuate and form – perhaps without really wanting to?

The performance is flexible in its set-up and can be adapted for different locations. The living structure can move indoors through a foyer, corridor or even up and down a flight of stairs. It can be performed outdoors, around a tree, out on an open lawn or in a courtyard.

AGE: From ages five and up.

DURATION: Approx 20 minutes. Duration can vary based on location and age group.

PREMIERE: Sjælør Kirke in Copenhagen, March 23rd 2022.

TOUR: Contact for more information and booking.

We all stare, both the five-year-olds and the teenagers
and us adults. Does this person have a gender?
And is it important at all?
– Anne Middelboe, Information

Tali Rázga plays with our perception of gender in her choreography, which is alternately energetic and quiet and constantly fascinates the audience with its constant changes.
**** – Trine Wøldiche, Iscene

Both children and adults get a dreamy, fluid and observant journey into the body’s journey towards and with gender.
**** – Per Lundsgaard, XQ28

Press pictures by Søren Meisner