Tali Rázga in collaboration with the dancers

Dancers: Tomomi Yamauchi , Villads Bugge Bang
Composer: Rumpistol/Jens Berents Christiansen
Scenography: Gøje Rostrup
Production manager
Jacob Weitze Mylund
Dramaturgical consultant: Karina Dichov Lund
Tailor: Michael Nøhr

Art work: Marie Priem
Producer: Carlos Calvo
PR: Ida Fredericia

SUPPORTED BY Statens kunstfond – Projektstøtteudvalget for Scenekunst, Wilhelm Hansen Fonden, Augustinus Fonden, Dansk Skuespillerforbund, BUPL og Københavns Kommune Scenekunstudvalg.

Stop op, hop

A wordless performance about gravity for children of the age 0-4 year

Stop op, hop is a sensory and imaginative performance for babies and toddlers, that investigates gravity, mobility and movement. In a world filled with balloons and balls, clumsy clownlike characters and amazing costumes, the dancers explore how things can tumble and turn, rise and fall, and how gravity is setting everything around us in motion.

In a playful universe, you will encounter an elegant dancer and an peculiar creature. Together they explore a magical and circus-like world. A world that invites you to ponder and wonder about up and down and the power of gravity.

Balls are rolling along the floor, jumping up the walls and falling down, before everything freezes… just for a moment. Let the game begin. Stop! Hop!

AGE: 0-4 years old

DURATION: 25 min

PREMIERE: Barnens Scen, April 10th and at Sjælør Kirke Copenhagen April 17th 2021.

TOURING: The performance can be performed both indoors and outdoors. Contact us at for booking and more info.

Download press photos by Søren Meisner HERE